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About Us

Shareaglass is a wine entertainment company providing a playground for people who are passionate about wine. Our objective is to educate and entertain through wine events and consulting. Explore the website as Christine speaks with industry experts, reports on her adventures and educates you on the world of wine.

Private Wine Tasting/Tutoring Services

There is nothing better than relaxing at home with a few friends and sharing a glass or two of your favorite wine. Why not take that experience to the next level with some private wine tutoring. A Share A Glass wine consultant can help make an evening with friends a fun and interesting learning experience.

Christine presenting at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

A Share A Glass tutored in-home experience can include:

Private Lessons – For those looking to learn more about wines, Share A Glass can provide customized tutoring services to meet your exact educational needs. Why travel to a classroom for lecture style education when you can bring the teacher home. Ranging from the basics on how to taste wine to in depth technical lectures, Share A Glass interactive tutoring sessions are a great way to expand your wine horizons.

Tutored Tastings – Select from one of our packages or choose the wines from your cellar. Either way a Share A Glass tutored tasting is a great way to refine you palate and learn more about the wines you enjoy. We will work with you to come up with a tasting flight that will enhance your wine experience. Flights can range from a selection from the noble grape varietals to a focus on specific appellations such as Burgundy. Wines are hand picked from the LCBO or from many of Share A Glass wine agency partners.


Dinner Party Tutoring – Impress your guests not only with a great menu, but with perfectly paired wines and your insightful knowledge about those great wines. A Share A Glass consultant can work with you to select ideal wines for each course and provide you with one-on-one tutoring behind the scenes so you can impress your guests with your expansive knowledge.

The Legendary Dinner Party – If you prefer to be pampered this is the way to do it. Share A Glass will work closely with you and/or your caterer to pick the perfect wines and provide professional wine service found only in the world’s top restraurants. Each wine will be presented, opened and poured with each course with commentary into the selection and background of each wine. This will be a night your guests with remember and will make your dinner parties legendary.

Christine with Beau Bridges at Sante

Personal Wine Shopper

Tired of trips to the LCBO only to be left unsatisfied and unfulfilled with your choice. Ever splurge on an expensive bottle and have it not meet your expectations? Make every purchase the right one with Share A Glass personal wine shopper service. A Share A Glass consultant with help define your wine preferences through one-on-one interviews and tastings and bring the ideal choices directly to you.

Personal Wine Shopper service includes:

1. Private one-on-one preference evaluation where a series of specific questions are used to refine your personal wine and food preferences providing criteria for future wine selections.
2. In-home private tasting session where wines are presented and sampled and your preferences are further defined and understood.
3. Based on how often you request, your Share A Glass wine shopper will present you with unique wines that fit within your preferences. These wines will usually be limited release quantities or unique buying opportunities. Due to our client base and agency relationships, it is not always necessary to purchase full case quantities.
4. Any time you need to buy wines for a dinner party or a larger event such as wedding or anniversary party, your personal wine shopper is available to help you make the right decision.

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