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Toronto Wine and Cheese Show 2010

I had a clear agenda when I set out this year to ensure I was in and out within 2 hours. The prospect was good, but when you start talking wine with everyone, 2 hours is never enough. My first stop was with Heidi at one of my favourite Niagara wineries, Fielding Estate Winery; very much a fan of their Gewurztraminer, I opted to sample their 2008 Riesling this time and it did not disappoint; moderate aroma’s of lime and orange, followed by a refreshing acidity that, I find, is very indicitive of Beamsville. We are, truly, fortunate to be so close to such a great grape growing area in the world and to learn first-hand the differences between the variety of terroir’s present in Niagara. The Fielding Estate 2008 Riesling can be found in the majority of LCBO’s that have a Craft Wine Section. A great addition to this year’s show, Wine Allign collected tasting information from each of the booths and provided 2 D scan’s to ensure attendees were able to put together a shopping list on their smartphone of their favorite wines of the show.

Moving away from Canada, I tasted a wine that was perfectly delectible; great as a dessert wine, but also a great accompiniment to a baked ham with citrus glaze. Muscat de Limnos from Greece was a great find, though, I have to admit I did have my sights on it the night before as I was perusing the exhibitor list. I was glad to hear from Steve Kriaris that this wine is available at the LCBO for $11.95.

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