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Spotlight on Vina Montes

Chile has now become a force to be reckoned with in the wine world. It is wonderful to be able to taste quality wines for extremely reasonable prices here in Canada. Vina Montes is a producer of beautiful wines that are accessible to us at a variety of price ranges. They produce ultra premium wines that can, literally, knock your socks off. Owner and world renowned wine maker, Aurelio Montes, does it all, and everything he touches turns purple. He is such a talented winemaker that, although his roots are in Chile, his vines reach to Argentina and as far as Napa — Producing an ultra premium wine that rivals the best Napa Wines. Montes Wines was, actually, the catalyst in bringing ultra premium wines out to the world and they continue to improve their wines vintage after vintage. I found a great vertical tasting on Wine Spectator to highlight Montes Alpha M that I have pasted below for everyone to enjoy.

By the way, I will have the rare opportunity to taste a variety of wines from Vina Montes, as well as, meet Aurelio Montes. Stay tuned for my follow up.

[youtube] [/youtube]

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