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A look back at the Marathon du Medoc

Staying in Bordeaux was a blessing, but marathon morning after the Milles Pate at Chateau Pichon Longueville proved challenging and tiring. Four hours of sleep and we were up to get dressed into our costumes for the race. Upon arrival at the start, we were surrounded by lions and tigers and pigs?…Oh My.

With our Asics, Nike’s, Addidas’s, and Mizuno’s laced up, we were ready for our 6 and a half hour run. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this marathon…You must finish within 6 hours and 30 minutes if you want to receive your finishing medal and bottle of wine. While you are partying and drinking and running at the same time, 6 and a half hours is, definitely, a respectable time : )

Surrounded by caged lions and make shift floats and drumming trapeze artists hanging from the sky was the spectical we enjoyed for the first few minutes of the race. We began to run and soon realized that running among the floats was slow AND hazardous as most of them are unable to steer and brake very well.

Our first wine stop Chateau Hautes-Bages Liberal. Fortunately, my palate wasn’t pasty at this point and I was able to enjoy this wine and experience the elegance, the ripe fruit and long finish, as opposed to sipping the wine to quench my thirst.

Chateau Haute-Bages

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