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A Healthy Indulgence

Wine is my passion and running is how I keep my girlish figure. It has taken several years to combine the two and I have finally done it. I will be venturing to Bordeaux, France to run in the Marathon du Medoc in a few short weeks.

Like many runners and athletes alike I am running for a reason…My Girls. I want to instill in them the need to stay healthy, whether it be running or another activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. My famiy is, unfortunately, riddled with a Heinz 57 of diseases and disorders — from Multiple Sclerosis and Heart Disease to Cancer and Diabetes. Fortunately, remaining active and healthy will lessen my chances of being inflicted with a couple of these diseases.

I’ve decided that I will have two objectives; successfully complete the Marathon du Medoc and support our Canadian athletes though making a donation. Our Canadian Athletes are the epitome of health and are fantastic role models for our children. I will be dedicating my run to my girls and our Canadian Athletes.

Help me, Help our Athletes and Our Children Reach the Podium!

You can go to my fundraising page to support our athletes or, alternatively, support me in completing 42 K while drinking wine in Bordeaux; whichever you think is more of an amazing feat.

I will be twittering along the route and will, be taking photographs of the vineyards, costumes and Chateaux’s; I may even bring my video camera.

I am thinking about picking up a bottle of Open Wine post our 30k training run this Sunday. Any suggestions for a post race meal?

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