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New Zealand Wine Fair

The New Zealand Wine Fair is upon us and these wines are fabulous. New Zealand made their mark with great Sauvignon Blanc’s, but now get ready for a plethora of grape varieties that have been showing exceptionally well and are a must try the next time you visit your local LCBO, wine store or restaurant.

I recently read something that I had to include verbatim, because it was so poetic and so refreshing:

New Zealand is a land like no other. New Zealand Wine is an experience like no other. Our special combination of soil, climate, and water, our new innovative pioneering spirit and our commitment to quality all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse experiences.
In every glass of New Zealand wine is a world of pure discovery.

If anyone has a chance to go to the New Zealand Wine Fair tonight, Go. You have a chance to try 190 wines from 46 leading wineries. I still maintain that my go to wine is Oyster Bay’s Sauvignon Blanc, because I have not met one person who has not liked it. The refreshing acidity and the explosive fruit on the nose is fabulous. Depending on the year, this wine will sometimes be powerfully tropical, or alternatively citrussy with some gooseberry; just love it.

Does anyone else have a favourite…let me know.

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