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Terry David Mulligan - The Voice of BC Wine

“I was astounded that this wine industry could have no representation on Okanagan radio,” said the New Westminster, B.C., native. He calls the homespun program “an open class on food and wine.”

B.C.’s wine industry has had the advantage of proximity to one of the most popular and extraordinary wine regions of the world, California. Much like the wine industry in Ontario, they are still very young and are working extremely hard, not only, to achieve global impact, but local impact as well.

It’s interesting, in the international arena, Ice Wine is what Canada is known for, but locally, when asked about Canadian Wines, the term “swill” is still used with a minor mention to Ice Wine. Many of us remember the challenges we originally faced as a fledgling wine industry, using Labrusca vines (Concord Grapes) to make a foxy tasting grape juice with alcohol for a few years…Ooops. We soon learned from our mistakes and planted Vitis Vinefera vines that are found around the world and are now the vines that are widely planted in B.C. and Ontario for wine. As for the Labrusca vines, grape juice was its saving grace.

Further, most Canadians have tunnel vision when it comes to purchasing wines; they go to their local LCBO, grocery, corner, or wine store and will only try the wines that are available to them within these establishments. In many cases, the wineries in B.C. and Ontario are too small to provide the number of cases required to stock these places and their wines are never showcased or promoted to the average consumer. Even if a winery is able to provide their wine to these places, their lower end wines are more likely to meet the criteria, and that is what is displayed to the consumer.

It’s definitely an uphill battle for both British Columbia and Ontario, but I’m confident that with the growing interest in wine, they will both have their day in the sun.

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