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Time to have a little bit of fun with your food and your wine. Have you ever wondered why certain foods pair so perfectly with certain wines – chances are the type of wine you are drinking comes from the area the cuisine was created or influenced by. Indeed, this is not a science, but it is a rule of thumb and may get you to further appreciate the wine you are drinking, as well as the region it came from.

We’ve provided you with information regarding grapes, wine styles and some of the regional dishes found in wine growing areas around the world. We’ve also provided you with the geographical location of these areas of wine production. Why? A little bit of education.

In the northern hemisphere, anywhere between 30 and 50 degrees North latitude are optimal areas for grape growing, and in the southern hemisphere, between 23 and 45 degrees South latitude.

How this works – The wine bottles represent wine regions, click on a bottle and see where it takes you.

Our first stop was Germany where we had Wiener Schnitzel and Spatsle with a Kabinett Riesling from Mosel Saar Ruwer.


Wines Around The World

Where it is found Tasting Notes
Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux, France originally; Mostly the rest of the world with Coonawara, Napa, and South Africa receiving academic excellence Blackcurrant, chocolate, mint, dark colour, moderate to high acidity and heavy tannins
Cabernet Franc Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Northeastern Italy in the old world and the new world is limited to Niagara and California Pencil shavings, cabbage, green tobacco, red berries; similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, but not as structured
Gamay Beaujolais, France primarily with Switzerland, California, Oregan and Niagara making great wines as well Banana, red berries, green leaf, high acidity, light to medium body and light tannins
Grenache Southern Rhone is the primary place, but is also widely planted in Spain, South Australia, Southern California and Italy White pepper, raspberry, spice, juicy, low tannins and low to medium acidity, long finish (high alcohol levels)
Merlot Bordeaux, France originally with a variety of other countries producing excellent wines as well; California, Columbia Valley, Maipo Valley, Okanagan Valley, Northeastern Italy, Margaret River, New Zealand, South Africa Cedar, plum, black cherry, fruitcake, fleshy, juicy fruit with lower levels of acidity and tannins; normally high in alcohol
Nebbiolo Piedmont, Italy with a couple of honourable mentions from Argentina and South California Tar, truffles, roses, violets, dark chocolate, high acidity and tannins; deep colour in youth
Pinot Noir Burgundy and Champagne originally. Other regions who produce good quality Pinot Noir include New Zealand, California, Niagara, Germany, Austria, South Africa and Oregon Raspberry, floral, barnyard, light to full bodied, medium to high acidity
Sangiovese Tuscany, Italy originally, as well as a number of regions throughout Italy, California and Argentina Plum, cherry, chocolate, herb, tobacco, gamey notes, medium high acidity, medium to high tannin, light to full-bodied
Syrah Northern Rhone, France, as well as Australia, Oregon, South Africa, Niagara, Germany, Austria and Washington Blackberry, currant, raspberry, violets, spice, meaty, black pepper, eucalyptus, jammy fruit, dark colour and moderate
Tempranillo Rioja, Spain primarily as well as throughout Spain and Portugal Tobacco, incense-like spice, strawberry, red cherry, vanilla and spice, medium to high acidity, medium bodied, medium tannins
Zinfandel California USA, Southern Italy as Primitivo, and thin plantings in Australia Port-like, berries, ripe raspberry, pink off-dry versions and ripe full-bodied, low acidity and high alcohol
Grape Variety Where it is found Tasting Notes
Chardonnay Burgundy and Champagne originally, further planting throughout the worlds wine regions with California, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand leading the pack Apple, peach, toast, butter, nut, moderate acidity, medium to full bodies
Chenin Blanc Loire Valley, France and South Africa for Brandy Wide range of styles from dry sparkling, light dry to sweet
Gewurztraminer Alsace, France, as well as, Austria, Northeastern Italy and New Zealand Lychee, talc, spicy, perfumey, low acidity, very aromatic, deeper yellow colour (very distinctive)
Pinot Gris Alsace, France, Alto Adige, Italy, Oregon and New Zealand Nutty, smoky, spicy, sweet honey, pale straw through light pink or peachy colour, light to full bodied with varying levels of sweetness, medium to high alcohol
Riesling Mosel and Rhine, Germany, Alsace, France, South Australia, Chile, Niagara and Austria Apple, honey, citrus (lime), petrol, high acidity from dry to very sweet wines
Sauvignon Blanc Loire Valley, Bordeaux, France; Marlborough, Stellenbosch, Adelaide Hills, Casablanca Valley Gooseberry, cats pee, cut grass, currant lead, high acidity, light to medium body, sometimes oaked
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