Industry Expert Interviews

Where To Purchase Wines In Ontario

When we think of purchasing wine, our mind gravitates to the LCBO — a fine choice and a great selection of wines to boot. There are, however, alternative avenues that you may prefer to use.

Listen from three different areas within the wine industry – Vintages (LCBO), a Wine Agency and an Ontario winery.

Interviews with Julia Tingarov, Halpern Enterprises & Gord Froner, Vintages
LCBO - Vintages
Gord Froner
Allocations Coordinator, Vintages Inventory Management

Wine Agency – Halpern Enterprises
Julia Tingarov

Halpern Enterprises
LCBO - Vintages

Interview: Caroline Cellars
Winery – Caroline Cellars
Justine Lakeit
Retail Manager & Event Coordinator

Ricky Lakeit Jr.
Production Manager

Caroline Cellars
Caroline Cellars
Caroline Cellars

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