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I heard a woman say, ‘I don’t like wine, because I don’t like the taste”. If only I had a disposable income, I would have grabbed her and taken her to the nearest wine bar. Instead, I decided to start a website. Combined with my passion for wine and the obvious unawareness people have about wine, I came up with
It took me several years to realize that there are a tonne of wine websites out there, but the bulk of them are text heavy and focus on a more advanced wine drinker. I want people to realize that when someone says Burgundy, they’re talking about Pinot Noir or Chablis is actually Chardonnay. is a wine entertainment website that, along the way, educates people, including me. I am a certified wine drinker and have a passion for knowledge. I began my journey several years ago with Tony, owner of Paese Ristorante, as my first teacher. He made an extraordinary rack of lamb, paired it with a fabulous red and actually explained to me why the wine worked so well with the lamb. From that day forward, I read books on wine, subscribed to magazines and completed two levels with the International Sommelier Guild, and I am still very much a beginner. I want everyone to learn with me, as I speak with sommeliers, winemakers and other industry experts. As well, I want people to be entertained by the topics I choose and the social camaraderie I am trying to display. Let me know if you like what I have to say and any comments or suggestions you have for the website.

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