Christine's Corner

Toronto Wine Meetup

Last night I attended my first Toronto Wine Meetup Group at Bumpkins Restaurant. The theme for the evening was MMMMerlot. There are a tonne of great merlot’s out there, including the ones that were served last night. Unfortunately, Merlot has received a bum wrap over the last couple of years, because of the movie “Sideways”, but, I guess, to those of us who enjoy a Merlot or two, it has been benefitial to our pocketbooks. The four wines that were chosen were from California, Ontario, Argentina, and Australia. I did not write the names down, because although I liked the California Merlot, the rest were okay. I’ve been a fan of Merlot ever since I tried a Right Bank Bordeaux; meaning that area of Bordeaux, France is to the right of the Gironde River. The wines found on the right bank are primarily Merlot with a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blended in. I recently tried a fabulous Merlot from Napa Valley, California; Rutherford Hill 2003 Merlot - it reminded me of dark chocolate dipped cherries; definitely a must try. The price is slightly north of $25, so buy it and save it for a special evening.

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