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Share a Glass Visits Creekside Estate Winery

Creekside Estate Winery is slightly off the beaten path, but is a must see by whoever ventures out to visit the Niagara Wine Route. Known for its Shiraz, Creekside Estate winery was showcasing the 2006 vintage during the Grape and Wine Festival-currently sold at the Creekside retail store as well as at Vintages, this powerfully fruity wine mimics a Rhone Valley Syrah vs the big Shiraz’s we’ve grown accustomed to over the last few years, courtesy of our friends Down Under.


Matt Loney, Director of Marketing, Creekside Estate Winery and Mike Weir Estate Winery is a wealth of information about both wineries and is exceptionally hospitable. As well, check out the interviews with Barry Katzman, President, and Rob Power, Winemaker; they are both riveting and they provide a snapshot of what Creekside & Mike Weir Estate Wineries have to offer.



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