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Properly Serve Wine

If you are in the mood to show off your wine opening skills, below are the steps you may want to follow.

What you will need:

  • Wine bottle at the correct temperature
  • Proper wine glasses for the wine you are serving
  • Corkscrew (with a blade is preferable)
  • Foil cutter, knife, or blade from corkscrew
  • White napkin
  • Ice Bucket (if necessary)


  1. Approach the table and present the bottle to the host or, if this is in your home, present it to the entire table.
  2. Proceed with cutting the foil with your choice instrument and quickly place the foil in your pocket; remember, do not turn the bottle when you are removing the foil.
  3. With the label still facing the host or your guests, wipe the opening of the bottle with the napkin, just in case there is mold on the outside of the bottle.
  4. Following, stick the worm (corkscrew) into the cork at an angle, place the napkin over the cork and corkscrew, place your hand over the napkin and dislodge the cork.
  5. Remove the napkin and place the cork on the plate and present it to the host or one of your guests (The person is checking to make sure there is no mold on the inside of the cork, as well as how dry the cork is).
  6. Pour a little bit (1 ounce) into the hosts glass (He or she will sniff the wine to assess whether there are any faults in the wine, not to assess whether they like the smell or taste of the wine).
  7. Pour women and the elderly first, remember to pour on the right and finish with the host.
  8. Remove the plate with the cork on it.
  9. Place the bottle on the table or in an ice bucket if it requires continued chilling.

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