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Wine Glasses

After breaking several expensive glasses from Riedel, I am often faced with the decision to buy more or just buy one style and hope that a variety of wines express themselves well. Coming from a person who doesn’t have the pocketbook to buy the full spectrum of glassware that Riedel has to offer, but I do agree that when you use the proper glass, the wine experience is that much greater. I was at Inniskillin and I had the opportunity to try their selection of icewine’s (All Awesome). We first tried the icewine with a regular glass and, of course, it tasted spectacular. Alternatively, we tasted the wines in the Riedel Ice Wine Glass, the aroma of the wine was much more pronounced and on the palate, it enveloped the tongue perfectly, ensuring the wine hit all of your taste buds. Now, although I am a huge proponent of the wine experience, I am, however, a realist. I would, personally, choose 2 types of glasses, based on what you drink most. If you drink more reds, buy 2 red glasses, like a Bordeaux and a Pinot glass; if you like whites, go for a Chardonnay and a Riesling glass. As well, although I am partial to Riedel, because it is very straightforward in choosing a glass for a particular wine, your budget may not permit; take a look at the lineup of Riedel glassware and try and find a close match to your preferred glasses at the endless list of stores that sell glassware. Now, if you are anything like this guy, you will need the full spectrum of Riedel glassware…

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