Christine's Corner

Barbera and Truffles

I received a great bottle of Barbera D’Asti from a friend of mine over the holidays. We recently cooked penne pasta with Chorizo sausages, green peppers and mushrooms; it was a perfect compliment to the wine. Normally on a weekday, John and I have one glass each and the rest is saved for the following day or the weekend; this time we enjoyed the wine so much that we almost finished it that night. The wine is full bodied with ripe red fruit and low tannins, so if you choose a spicy dish with this wine, It will, likely, compliment it very well, because the tannins will not be competing with the spice. As another piece of trivia, this wine is from the Piedmont region in Northwestern Italy, where Truffles are grown, so if you have a chance, pair this wine with a dish with some truffle oil (slightly more economical) or treat yourself with fresh truffles - it’s definitely a must try. Check out this video, it is how some truffles are harvested:

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